Media V. Human

Let me rule you. Is that not a reasonable request? I mean, you watch me, you read me, and you hear me. My clutch is mighty in the modern world. Psychologist say perception is had by the conscious mind, but that the unconscious mind—the subconscious mind—is always recording. Not only is the subconscious mind recording, but it is putting pieces of me together, making the connections, and storing them in your conscious mind. So, your will-power against me is frivolous and petty. Oh, you’re mentally strong you say? If that is so, then I’ll go into the minds of your children. I like to call myself the silent parent. There is no escape. I’ll even impact friends, family, and even neighbors still connected to the matrix. Who you are is what I influenced you to be. What would you be without me? So… Let me rule you my dear. Things are easier that way….


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